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What if trauma

was a dragon?

Every traumatic event

a single beast!

All different: 

sharp, vicious,

breathtaking, freezing,

scorching, ferocious,

blunt, overwhelming...

and each and every one

invisible to you 

and any untrained eye

They drag you away 

to days long forgotten

hidden in folds 

of time and soft cotton

The mother-of-all-dragons

roasts your skin

and brings your scars to light.

Her screams in your head, 

keep on piercing the night.

Your skin turns to armour, 

so dense you can’t fight 

When you chase them away, 

they will come back to bite.

Crawling away, 

you just bring to light

that there really is


to hide.

Mastering dragons

takes faith, focus and might:

it is no small task, to pretend you're alright...

as you walk your path, with this herd by your side:

Bide your time

to stand your ground

look them in the eye

and call out their crime

May they 

roar and rumble

fall and tumble

shrink and crumble

And finally say goodbye

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