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Dragon master

What if trauma

was  a dragon

Every traumatic event,

a single beast

Some small,

some larger than life.

All different: sharp, vicious,

hard, demanding,

breathtaking, freezing,

scorching, overwhelming...

Some might be chased away

others keep coming back to bite 

Their fire might forge you 

an armour

but know, that armours weigh you down

You can try slaying them,

but you may end up

injuring the ones you love

Ignoring the screams

in your head

will not stop them

from wreaking havoc

You can hide safely 

in your secret garden,

but that will get you nowhere

Accept that they may carry wisdom

from the lessons learned

So when their scales scrape you

and remind you of your scars


be gentle with yourself!

Mastering dragons

takes skills, energy and focus

and it is no small task

to keep them

from sneaking up on you

As you walk your path

with this herd in your wake

keep your eyes

on what really matters!

And who knows:

if you conquer them long enough

they might get worn out

and choose to stay behind

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